Firm Profile

In addition to established private practices groomed by large firm practice experiences, the lawyers of Leighton Hetland have served as corporate counsel within both large and small businesses. From these experiences, we possess a keen understanding of business and personal realities and bottom-line expectations.


The Law Firm of Leighton Hetland believes in the need to blend legal guidance with business judgment, using a common sense approach to resolve client issues in creative ways, always respecting the business and economic demands you face. We understand that a seemingly perfect legal solution must also satisfy your business and estate planning objectives; the two cannot exist in isolation. Our legal advice is designed to support your strategic and financial goals and allow you to conduct your business in the most efficient and profitable manner possible.


When you select Leighton Hetland as your legal representative, you receive top quality legal experience without the “big firm” mentality or price. You benefit from direct representation, always dealing with the same persons throughout the process and resolution of your case.

Our established network of attorneys serves us well when our clients have a specialized need outside of our area of expertise.


Simply stated, we do not carry the significant overhead costs that large firms are forced to pass on to their clients. Understanding and managing your budget parameters are hallmarks of our firm. You will not pay for something you do not need at Leighton Hetland.

Contact us to learn more about the legal consultation available to you from a firm that is dedicated to responding to your legal concerns without imposing the expense and pretense of a large law firm. We are confident that together, we can achieve your objectives in a cost-conscious, creative manner.